Miner Borrowing Tutorial — HashMix FIL Liquid Staking Protocol

3 min readJun 1, 2023


  1. Visit https://fvm.hashmix.org/, click ‘Borrow FIL’ and click ‘Connect to MetaMask’ in the upper right corner to connect your wallet (please make sure your MetaMask has added FVM network and has FIL as gas fee, tutorial here)

2. Click ‘ESTIMATE’, input the Miner ID to evaluate the credit of the node.

3. After Sign the signature, you can find the evaluation details of the node, if you are willing to accept the offer, click ‘Accept’.

4. Click ‘Approve Beneficiary Transfer’ to transfer your Beneficiary Transfer to protocol generated vault address.

5. After transferring successfully, click ‘Borrow’ start borrowing from the pool.

Note: The validity period of each valuation is 7 days. If you do not borrow within 7 days, you can directly ‘ReValuate’ without re-pledging the beneficiary. (Check step 12 for ‘ReValuate’)

6. Input borrow amount and confirm the transaction.

7. After borrowing, the Credit and Debt amount will change accordingly.

8. Harvest Factor (Repayment Ration) can be changed according to your preference.

9. Click ‘Harvest’ to harvest for the node.

10. With ‘Repay’, you can repay the loans in advance.

11. After you repay all the loans, click ‘Return Beneficiary’ to claim your beneficiary address back.

12. You can also click ‘ReEstimate’ to revaluated the credit of your node to see if theres any extra Credit for the node.

13. New offer will be listed on the page, click ‘Accept’ to continue borrowing the extra credit.




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