Introducing HashMix Ambassador Program

We are very excited to announce the “HashMix Ambassador Program

Hello HashMix Community!

We believe that a strong community is the backbone of any successful project. When it comes to a Defi project, it gets even more critical as true decentralization can not be achieved without a vibrant community. As a community-centric project, we would love to have our community members help us in our journey to becoming a great project.

We are very excited to announce the “HashMix Ambassador Program”. Looking forward to working with passionate and enthusiastic individuals who would actively contribute to the further expansion of our global community, spread awareness, and educate the community about HashMix.

Who Can Participate?

We are looking for ambassadors who can assist the team in promoting media content and engaging with the community — also maintaining the brand image of HashMix.

Ambassador Roles

Content Creator

Our Content ambassador will devise ways to spread the views of Defi around HashMix. The content could be blogs, YouTube videos, tweets, or even memes.

Bonus: 50–700 USDT for each blog/video, depending on the quality.

Community Manager

Take care of HashMix official communities (Telegram, Discord, etc.), assist in spreading the word about our events and updates, engage with the community and gather feedback.

Bonus: 300–1200 USDT per month, depending on the performance.

The following are not mandatory requirements, just some preferences

  • Experienced crypto users who have a great interest in HashMix
  • DeFi influencers with 1k and above followers on Twitter, Telegram or Medium
  • Writers who have extensive Crypto industry knowledge
  • Users who can effectively help people to understand HashMix through verbal communication or written content
  • Users who can create clear yet insightful graphics or visuals for HashMix brand content when needed.
  • Provide valuable feedback and suggestions for HashMix improvements.

How to apply?

Become a part of the HashMix by submitting your applications:

Apply To become A HashMix Ambassador

About HashMix

HashMix provides flexible liquidity and attractive yield for some of the most innovative blockchains, aiming to accelerate the integration of various on-chain&off-chain blockchain assets and redefine future decentralized blockchain governance paradigm.

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