Introducing HashMix Ambassador Program

Who Can Participate?

We are looking for ambassadors who can assist the team in promoting media content and engaging with the community — also maintaining the brand image of HashMix.

Ambassador Roles

Content Creator

  • Experienced crypto users who have a great interest in HashMix
  • DeFi influencers with 1k and above followers on Twitter, Telegram or Medium
  • Writers who have extensive Crypto industry knowledge
  • Users who can effectively help people to understand HashMix through verbal communication or written content
  • Users who can create clear yet insightful graphics or visuals for HashMix brand content when needed.
  • Provide valuable feedback and suggestions for HashMix improvements.

How to apply?

Become a part of the HashMix by submitting your applications:

About HashMix

HashMix provides flexible liquidity and attractive yield for some of the most innovative blockchains, aiming to accelerate the integration of various on-chain&off-chain blockchain assets and redefine future decentralized blockchain governance paradigm.



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HashMix is a fully decentralized hash power tokenization and circulation platform. Empower hash power with NFT and DeFi tools!