Incentive Program Phase 4: New Era

And Phase 3 Roundup

Phase 3 Roundup

Meanwhile, our overall TVL in HashMix Lending Platform hits 500k FIL (lending pool + joint mining), which equals $36,229,462.52 USD. That’s an awesome achievement for a new lending platform launched less than two months ago. All credits to our great HashMix community!

The FIL token on HashMix Lending helped miners sealed 41 PiB storage power, which will rank 31st among all Filecoin nodes if it’s a node. And the depositors are enjoying the 20+% deposit APY plus HSM rewards!

HashMix Lending stats as of August 27

By the way, next week, we’ll send reward details to depositors who successfully participated in our first 3 phases. If you have any doubts about the reward after checking your mailboxes, please contact

Phase 4 Plan

Duration: from August 27, 10:00 a.m. (EST) to September 24, 10:00 a.m., totally lasting for 4 weeks.

Max Reward Pool Size for Phase 4: 800k HSM token.

Reward Rule:

Total Deposited FIL >= 500k and < 750k, Reward Pool: 400k HSM

Total Deposited FIL >= 750k and < 900k, Reward Pool: 600k HSM

Total Deposited FIL >= 900k, Reward Pool: 800k HSM

Other rules remain the same: your deposit should be no less than 20 FIL and transferred to our lending pool!

Development Plan


HashMix is not doing any airdrop or public sale events. The HSM token is not issued on any network at this point.

Welcome to ask anything in our channels!


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HashMix is a fully decentralized hash power tokenization and circulation platform. Empower hash power with NFT and DeFi tools!