Incentive Program Phase 4: New Era

And Phase 3 Roundup

Phase 3 Roundup

For Phase 3, we set an ambitious goal of 500k FIL in the lending pool. If we get it, all depositors will share 250k HSM. Sadly, as Phase 3 is coming to the end in several hours, we still need another 90k FIL to meet the goal. But no worries, qualified depositors (with no less than 20 FIL in our lending pool) will still share 150k HSM according to their deposit amount and duration.

HashMix Lending stats as of August 27

Phase 4 Plan

The Incentive Program continues. We love to share our native token with our early adopters. In Phase 4, we decide to put more rewards in the pool with a longer event duration.

Development Plan

For the past two months, we focused mainly on back-end logic optimization, and that part is pretty much finished by now. Starting from September, we’ll iterate our user interface, and bring more functionality to the platform, such as user dashboard and new mining products! Please stay tuned!

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