Incentive Program Phase 3:250k HSM for Depositors!

Phase 2 Rollup

Time flies. HashMix Lending Incentive Program Phase 2 will end this Friday. In this phase, our deposits reached 354k FIL 🎉🎉🎉

According to the plan, qualified participants in Phase 2 will share 180k HSM tokens. As our dashboard is still under development, any user who wants to know the details can send request emails to

Plan for Phase 3

Immediately after Phase 2, Phase 3 will carry on. In Phase 3, we’ll continue the reward but with a simpler rule:

If the total deposit hits 500k FIL by August 27, qualified participants will share 250k HSM.

Two weeks, simple target, more rewards!

In case you don’t know, the HSM reward is not counted in the deposit APY. That means a deposit can earn awesome FIL APY + HSM!


HashMix is not doing any airdrop or public sale events. The HSM token is not issued on any network at this point.

Welcome to ask anything in our channels!


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