Incentive Program Phase 2: 300k HSM rewards in 2 weeks!

Phase 1 Roundup

Two weeks ago, we announced our first deposit incentive program. In the past two weeks, the total deposit on HashMix Lending increased from 70k FIL to 260k FIL. The TVL on HashMix Lending came to 18+ million USD, helped miners to seal more than 30 PiB Storage Power.

Huge thanks to our community who made this happen! Although we’re very likely going to miss the 300k FIL goal for maximum reward in Phase 1, all qualified participants will share the 120k HSM reward according to our rule in Phase 1.

According to our statistics, about half of the depositors are eligible for the reward in Phase 1. They will share the reward pool based on their deposit amount and time.

As we planned in the last announcement, Incentive Program Phase 2 will start seamlessly. We’re building a page for users to check their rewards on their account page, but this will take some time. For now, you can send an email to or join our Telegram to know more about your rewards.

The rewards will be available to claim after the HSM token is issued.

Details of Phase 2

For Phase 2, we set the goal to increase the total deposit to 500k FIL in the coming two weeks. That’s another 240k FIL to be deposited. And the reward pool will increase as well, to 300k HSM maximum.

Duration: from July 30, 10:00 a.m. (EST) to August 13, 10:00 a.m., total lasting for two weeks.

Max Reward Pool Size for Phase 2: 300k HSM token.

Reward Rule:

Total Deposited FIL >= 300k and < 400k, Reward Pool: 180k HSM

Total Deposited FIL >= 400k and < 500k, Reward Pool: 240k HSM

Total Deposited FIL >= 500k, Reward Pool: 300k HSM


  1. Qualified participants should deposit and transfer to the lending pool at least 20 FIL, as we stated in Phase 1. You can refer to our tutorial for operations:;
  2. Instead of the snapshot, we’re doing a minute-by-minute calculation of your reward share, so at the minute you have at least 20 FIL in the lending pool, you’re illegible for the reward sharing.

Please make sure your deposit is transferred to the lending pool. Otherwise, you’re not going to receive interest or incentive rewards!


HashMix is not doing any airdrop or public sale events. The HSM token is not issued on any network at this point.

Welcome to ask anything in our channels!


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