HashMix Update July 6 — August 6, 2021

Greetings from the HashMix team!

Starting from this week, we’ll regularly post our progress in data, partnership, research, and engineering of the HashMix platform. This update will cover the past month. Hope you enjoy it!

If there’s any question, don't hesitate to contact us through the channels we posted at the bottom.

HashMix Lending

First-month review

We launched our first product, HashMix Lending, one month ago. In the past month, HashMix Lending attracted 285,676 FIL deposits, and miners borrowed 157,397 FIL out of it, sealed 20.4 PiB Storage Power in the Filecoin network.

During this month, the deposit APY on HashMix Lending fluctuates between 10% to 21% and stabilizes at 18%-20% for recent days. This is a pretty awesome number solely achieved by FIL deposit APY.

HashMix Lending Stats as of August 6, 2021

Incentive Program

Last Friday (July 30), we completed the incentive program Phase 1.

The goal for phase 1 is a 300k FIL deposit in two weeks. All qualified participants would share 200k HSM rewards. That’s a pretty ambitious number for a new platform, but thanks to our community, 260k+ FIL were deposited to HashMix Lending during Phase 1. That’s very close to the ultimate goal, and those users will share 120k HSM. Congratulations!

Phase 2 started after Phase 1 immediately. All users who participated in Phase 1 will automatically be eligible for Phase 2. In Phase 2, we set an ultimate goal of a 500k FIL deposit and 300k HSM rewards. But of course, there will still be HSM rewards even we don’t reach that number.

Some notices:

1. HSM token hasn’t been issued yet, so all participate in Incentive Program will have to wait a while before claiming the rewards. We’ll make a tool to demonstrate the reward you get. Before that, you can send us an email to check your rewards.

2. Please make sure your deposit is no less than 20 FIL and transferred into the lending pool. You can refer to the Tutorial for step-by-step instruction: https://app.hashmix.org/tutorial.

Referral Program

By inviting your friend to HashMix Lending, you’ll be able to get a rebate. The rebate is roughly 1% of the interest your friend will earn in the following year. The poster below is detailed instructions for this referral program.

Please be aware that we haven’t started to distribute rebates yet. There will be a system for you to check your rebate, invitee data, and so on.

Referral Instruction

Contact Us:

Email: contact@hashmix.org

HashMix Website: https://hashmix.org/

HashMix Lending: https://app.hashmix.org/

Telegram: https://t.me/HashMixChannel

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HashMixOfficial



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