HashMix Lending Biweekly Report-Sept. 3

Data Progress

This week is big for the Filecoin community, as the storage power in the Filecoin network exceeded 10EiB. This happened within one year, which is amazing!

Meanwhile, HashMix Lending has attracted 483k FIL deposits and lent 295k FIL to miners. Deposit APY maintains around 20% for the last 2 weeks, which is the highest FIL APY you can get in the market!

Incentive Program

We finished our Incentive Program Phase 3 last week. Results for the first 3 phases have been sent to qualified users.

For Phase 4, the event will last for 4 weeks, and the max reward pool size is 800k HSM! You can check the details here.


For the past month, we’re focusing on the backend optimization of the platform. From now on, we’ll bring on more functions.

Right now, we’re testing the new version internally, and will launch early next week!

In this new version (we call it 0.0.7), users will be able to view and claim their referral rebates. If you don’t know this yet, check out our referral tutorial.

Another upgrade is the landing page, after the upgrade, users would find the transfer, deposit, and withdraw more easily.

We’ll let you know when the upgrade happens. Please stay tuned!



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