HashMix Lending Biweekly Report-Sept. 17

Data Progress

In the past two weeks, the deposit on HashMix Lending grew from 483k FIL to 616k FIL, increased by 27.5%. Meanwhile, the deposit APY hits 23.6%, which is the highest FIL return rate among lending platforms.

Along with the deposit growth, our pledged Storage Power reached 94 PiB, which would be the 6th largest Filecoin node!

This pledged storage power is the key point for the HashMix Lending to ensure the safety of the deposits.

Incentive Program

Incentive Program Phase 4 is ongoing.

According to the rules we announced, current depositors can share 400k HSM rewards at the end of the event. This gives extra bounces to depositors.

Reward Rule:

Total Deposited FIL >= 500k and < 750k, Reward Pool: 400k HSM

Total Deposited FIL >= 750k and < 900k, Reward Pool: 600k HSM

Total Deposited FIL >= 900k, Reward Pool: 800k HSM

There’s another week before the end of Phase 4, we still have the chance to unlock 600k HSM!

R & D

While the HashMix Lending is running smoothly, it’s time for us to look ahead. HashMix is much more than a lending platform from Day 1, our goal is to serve the broader miner and investor community with general hash rate tokenization.

The initial idea is described in our whitepaper. The idea is strightforward, but the implemation is not. In the past months, we’ve made a lot of progresses in researching and prototype designing, which will be announced soon. Please stay tuned!

Welcome to ask anything in our channels!


HashMix Website: https://hashmix.org/

HashMix Lending: https://app.hashmix.org/

Telegram: https://t.me/HashMixChannel

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HashMixOfficial



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HashMix is a fully decentralized hash power tokenization and circulation platform. Empower hash power with NFT and DeFi tools!