HashMix ICP Product for Supernova Hackathon

2 min readJun 18, 2022

Boosting Internet Computer Blockchain Staking, Governance & DeFi Infrastructures

HashMix ICP Staking Pool

The Internet Computer is the world’s fastest general-purpose blockchain to build the future of Web3. As a professional and active developer, HashMix team has designed a high-liquidity ICP Staking Pool for more ICP lock-up incomes. Users can stake and unstake ICP in HashMix easily. The APY is adjusted daily based on the on-chain staking rewards and the specific APY is subject to the page display on the day.

HashMix Governance

The related operations of voting governance can be implemented in HashMix at the same time. HashMix created a unique governance and incentive model to help users participate in NNS voting, lowering the entry barrier and boosting participants’ earnings. With HashMix on-demand NNS Staking pools deployed on IC canisters with high APY and excellent liquidity (stToken). The user-friendly product allows every ICP holder to get the reward, withdraw, vote, and even trade directly with their stTokens. More details are coming out soon!

DAO and DeFi Infrastructure

The decentralized governance protocol facilitates every HashMix ICP stake holders joining NNS. Users with stTokens will work as a DAO to determine HashMix Neurons’ governance activities. HashMix ICP DAO also provides DeFi incentive toolkits and other voting power supports for other DApps/infrastructure providers in the ecosystem.

Other Products on HashMix

HashMix FIL Lending is a top-tier FIL lending and interest-earning product. Visit the official website for more information: https://app.hashmix.org/fil/#/.

About HashMix

HashMix provides flexible liquidity and attractive yield for some of the most innovative blockchains, aiming to accelerate the integration of various on-chain&off-chain blockchain assets and redefine future decentralized blockchain governance paradigm.

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