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Network Nervous System-The Biggest DApp in the IC ecosystem

What’s Network Neuron System?


The problems

Value is delivered by voting or delegating when it preserves or improves the IC network. Among all voting neurons, the DFinity foundation & ICA voting power is over 22.6% of total voting power, but most neurons just follow their decisions directly because of their credibility, making them the only voting neurons right now. The governance is NOT DECENTRALIZED enough and the voices of individual users have never been heard.

With the continuous prosperity of the ICP ecosystem, an increasing number of DApps have sprung up. But many of them lack financial incentives and voting power support. These resources are essential for these DApps to get users and develop sustainably in the new ecosystem. All these urgent problems need to be solved.

What does HashMix ICP Finance do?

The decentralized governance protocol facilitates every HashMix ICP stake holders joining NNS. Users with stTokens will work as a DAO to determine HashMix Neurons’ governance activities. HashMix ICP DAO also provides DeFi incentive toolkits and other voting power supports for other DApps/infrastructure providers in the ecosystem.

Currently, only the ICP Staking pool is available on HashMix ICP Finance. The team is actively preparing for the Supernova Global InternetComputer hackathon, during which we will complete the first IC version of staking and governance. Join our community via the links at the end of this article and follow us on social media for the latest updates.

What is HashMix ICP Staking?

IC staking pools on HashMix will have different usage limits to provide different liquidity solutions, allowing users to balance yield and liquidity by themselves. Take the 80% usage pool as an example: 80% of ICP in the pool ICP will be staking to the NNS 8 years pool, and 80% of the ICP de-neuron network pledge for 8 years, remaining 20% for on-demand liquidity.

Highlights of HashMix ICP Staking:

HashMix ICP staking pool vs. Other ICP pools
  • On-demand: Deposit and withdraw at any time (available Liquidity), flexible use of funds. No amount limitation ICP Staking pool deployed on IC canister.
  • Higher Interest: APY is higher than Dfinity’s official 6-months staking APY
  • Liquidity for staked ICP with stToken, make it possible for staking+liquidity mining+voting at the same time.
  • Boosting Staking & governance model while compatible with IC-native NNS. Works as a DAO to determine staking and governance parameters while providing financial incentives or voting power support to the whole IC ecosystem.
  • Referral reward: The inviter will receive 1% of the invitee’s interest. (The 1% reward is from HashMix, and the invitee’s profit will remain unchanged.)
  • Reinvest: Interest will be harvested every working day and automatically staked to the pool to capture more profit.

How to Stake:

Tutorial: https://app.hashmix.org/icp/#/tutorial

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About HashMix

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