HashMix FIL Liquid Staking Protocol V2 Launching

3 min readSep 13, 2023


Three months ago, we launched HashMix FIL Liquid Staking — a trustless and risk-free liquid staking protocol developed on FVM. The protocol achieved a remarkable $ 2 million TVL milestone within a month.

Following the seamless operation of the initial pool for several months, we have made the decision to release an enhanced pool known as HashMix FIL Liquid Staking V2. In this new version, we will incorporate additional configurable parameters to the rating curve, thereby enhancing the adaptability of the interest rate model.

Compared to the previous pool, the upgraded pool features a revised interest rate model for lending and staking. Upon its debut, the lending rate will be set at a level lower than that of the previous pool, which enhances the efficiency of fund utilization in the pool. Offering Storage Providers (SPs) a more reasonable lending rate will fulfill the requirement of increasing the income of FIL holders.

HashMix team has worked on Filecoin eco for over three years and specializes in smart contracts, data modeling, and Filecoin Infrastructure. HashMix FIL lending, which attracted 1 MM FIL max and provided an average 20% APY for stakers, helped more than 40 SPs seal over 200 Pib. We are eager and prepared to offer a more proficient and seamless service to FIL holders and Storage providers with FVM.

Official website: HashMix FIL Liquid Staking V2


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1. Will the smart contract code be open source? Will it undergo an audit?
Our contract has successfully passed the audit conducted by Certik. You can find the audit report at the following link: https://skynet.certik.com/projects/hashmix.
The majority of the code has already been made open-source, and we plan to open-source the remaining parts in the very near future.

2. Is the borrowing rate determined by a smart contract? Is the entire process decentralized? Is there any availability for requesting a centralized service?
The interest rate curve is regulated by an external oracle, and the contract executes automatically once it is set. The estimation of the loan amount is managed by an external oracle. Everything else operates in a decentralized manner.

3. When modifying the beneficiary’s address, how are the expiration and quota determined?
We now set an infinite amount and time. The beneficiary is switched to an smart contract.

4. Where is the borrowed FIL? Is it in the miner actor or the owner?
The borrowed FIL will be in the address where you interact with HashMix.

5. How can I transfer the loan to other accounts?
After borrowing from the FVM-interacting address, you are free to transfer the funds as desired. HashMix imposes no restrictions on such transactions.

6. When and how should I pay the loan interest?
HashMix utilizes the more commonly used Compound model in Defi. The increase in interest is achieved by increasing the proportion of ctoken. In fact, the principal and interest are combined and cannot be separated.
There are two methods of repayment. The first is harvest repayment, which can be completed on the SPs’ page “Harvest”. The ‘harvest_ratio’ can be adjusted. For instance, if you choose 90%, 10% will be used as income, while 90% will be used to repay the principal and interest.
The second method is to repay the loan in advance. This can be done by using the FIL in the interactive wallet to repay the principal and interest. You can complete this by clicking “Repay” on the borrowing page. The repayment amount is optional.

About HashMix

HashMix is an open staking and lending platform connecting different roles in the crypto industry. HashMix provides reliable staking solutions and attractive yields for the most innovative blockchains, aiming to accelerate the integration among various on-chain & off-chain blockchain assets.


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