HashMix FIL Liquid Staking Protocol is Launching!

3 min readJun 1, 2023


Great news to Filecoin Community! HashMix is launching HashMix FIL Liquid Staking — a fully trustless and risk-free liquid staking protocol built on FVM. The protocol is officially launching on June 1st. Visit now at: fvm.hashmix.org!

HashMix team has been working on Filecoin ecosystem for more than three years and specializes in smart contracts, data modeling, and Filecoin Infrastructure. HashMix FIL lending, which attracted 1 million FIL max and provided an average 20% APY for stakers, helped more than 40 miners seal over 200 Pib.

Thanks to FVM, HashMix is able to implant our business model into smart contracts seamlessly, eliminating trust cost.

In HashMix FIL Liquid Staking, FIL holders stake their FIL into the staking pool, managed by a smart contract with a dynamic rate model, balancing supply and demand automatically. Miners can borrow from the pool any time they need and repay their loans anytime at any portion they want.

The core part of the protocol is the valuation module. HashMix created a unique miner valuation model, using the miner’s mature Storage Power as pledge. This model allows for a miner’s existing Storage Power to be used in maximum capital efficiency while ensuring that loans are safe. The model has been tested and proven safe in the real environment for around 2 years as HashMix FIL lending.

HashMix also has implemented the tokenization of Filecoin computing power, which involves NFTs representing the node’s credit. The addition of NFTs also opens up a range of exciting Web3 possibilities for HashMix in the future.

The staking protocol follows the well-tested DeFi product pattern, which is easy to understand and use. For stakers, HashMix offers an exceptional opportunity to maximize investment returns. With no minimum staking requirement, stakers of all sizes can participate in the protocol and earn high deposit APY. Additionally, stakers can withdraw their funds at any time within available liquidity. Liquidity token cWFIL enables more liquidity and Defi future.

For miners, HashMix offers an innovative solution to maximize profits. With permissionless pledge and borrow options, reasonable borrow APY, and flexible repayment plans, miners have a powerful tool to gain greater control over their financial future in the Filecoin ecosystem.

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HashMix is an open staking and lending platform connecting different roles in the crypto industry. HashMix provides reliable staking solutions and attractive yields for the most innovative blockchains, aiming to accelerate the integration among various on-chain & off-chain blockchain assets.


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