HashMix FIL Liquid Staking on FVM

3 min readApr 6, 2023

HashMix team is working tirelessly on its latest product — the HashMix FIL Liquid Staking Protocol. The protocol is a fully trustless and risk-free decentralized staking protocol on Filecoin that connects FIL holders and miners in the ecosystem.

As a FIL holder, you can participate in the protocol by connecting your wallet and staking your FIL to the lending pool on the staking page. You can enjoy high deposit APY and withdraw your funds at any time within available liquidity. Moreover, you can benefit from extra liquidity with a liquid staking token, and your staked fund is backed by real Filecoin assets.

The HashMix FIL Liquid Staking Protocol ensures the safety of your funds with a sophisticated valuation and stake model. The core design of the protocol is the valuation process, which assumes the worst-case scenario for pledged future income of the loans and ensures that all loans can be repaid as promised. You can choose to pay off the loan early, and there will be a fee for early repayment. No interest will be calculated after full repayment.

For miners, the protocol offers permissionless pledge and borrow, reasonable borrow APY, flexible repayment plans, and control over your owner all the time. Any node can be evaluated, and the system has a sophisticated evaluation method to ensure the maximum loan amount of the node under the premise of ensuring safety. Depending on the operation and maintenance of the nodes, there will be different evaluation results.

The maximum utilization rate of the pool is 90%, which ensures the liquidity of the pool. The borrow and deposit APY fluctuates with the utilization rate, and you can check the real-time staking and borrowing APY on the official website.

The HashMix FIL Liquid Staking Protocol has a revolutionary valuation and stake model that eliminates as many risks as possible for both FIL holders and miners.

The model has been tested in the real environment for two years as HashMix FIL Lending, and all parameters are precise and conservative.

HashMix has been exploring the Filecoin ecosystem for years and built its first Filecoin staking application in early 2021. We have helped dozens of miners get loans, sealed an additional 300 PiB SP, and FIL holders received an average of 20% APY. The peak TVL exceeded 1 million FIL.

About HashMix

HashMix is an open staking and lending platform connecting different roles in the crypto industry. HashMix provides reliable staking solutions and attractive yields for the most innovative blockchains, aiming to accelerate the integration among various on-chain & off-chain blockchain assets.


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