HashMix 2022 Year in Review

3 min readJan 1, 2023

Happy New Year HashMixers!

There’s no denying that 2022 was an unforgettable year for us. Now, let’s take a journey down memory lane as we reflect on the accomplishments we’ve witnessed in 2022!

Launched ICP Staking Product

ICP Staking is an on-demand pool where users can stake their ICP without amount limitation and earn huge profits. The underlying pool of HashMix ICP Staking is the 8-year Staking node of the Dfinity Network Nervous System.

Are you holding ICP but being overwhelmed by NNS lock period? Are you looking for a more flexible, higher APY ICP staking pool? HashMix ICP Staking Pool is exactly what you need!

More details please check: HashMix ICP Staking Product.

ICP supernova hackathon

HashMix participated The Internet Computer blockchain’s global Supernova hackathon kicked off on May 10.

HashMix ICP Finance aims to Boost Internet Computer Blockchain Staking, Governance & DeFi Infrastructures, offering on-demand NNS Staking pools deployed on IC canisters with high APY and great liquidity (stToken). The user-friendly product makes it possible for every ICP holder to get the reward, withdraw, vote, and even trade directly with their stTokens.

The decentralized governance protocol facilitates every HashMix ICP stake holders joining NNS. Users with stTokens will work as a DAO to determine HashMix Neurons’ governance activities. HashMix ICP DAO also provides DeFi incentive toolkits and other voting power supports for other DApps/infrastructure providers in the ecosystem.

IC Bootcamp

HashMix participated in the IC Bootcamp held by Wanxiang Blockchain, and participated in the closing ceremony as one of the final 10 projects (check the ceremony review HERE).

Throughout the Bootcamp, Wanxiang and Definity official provided training and support in various aspects such as technology and marketing. The HashMix team has learned and made progress together with many projects in the IC ecosystem, and will continue to build in the coming time.


We are thrilled that we have joined the INTERSTELLAR Summit, a highly anticipated community summit, hosted by ICPL with the support from Definity on September.

As one of the Infrastructure project, HashMix is very honored to share our ideas with other outstanding projects and developers and have more chances to learn from each other. Thanks to all the community and developers, and thanks to ICPL and Definity for their support.

Support from Filecoin Team (Protocol Labs)

Protocol Labs has added HashMix as one of the lending providers to its official website: https://sp.filecoin.io/lenders

In addition to participating in a number of IC ecological activities this year, HashMix also maintains close ties with the Filecoin community. This year, HashMix was honored to be recognized by Filecoin Protocol Labs and has been added their official website as a part of the ecosystem. HasMix will continue to work hard to provide services and make more contributions to the Filecoin ecosystem.

What’s Coming in 2023

In 2023, HashMix team will continue improving existing products to make them more decentralized and explorering new mining/staking ecosystems, such as ZK-related chains, more Staking protocols etc., creating more value for users.

Thank you for your company all the way in 2022, see you in 2023!

About HashMix

HashMix is a lending platform bridging holders and blockchain miners. HashMix provides flexible liquidity and attractive yield for some of the most innovative blockchains, aiming to accelerate the integration various on-chain&off-chain blockchain assets and redefine future decentralized blockchain governance paradigm.

Official Links:

* Website: https://app.hashmix.org/

* Medium: https://hashmix.medium.com/

* Telegram: https://t.me/HashMixChannel

* Github: https://github.com/HashMixProject




HashMix is a fully decentralized hash power tokenization and circulation platform. Empower hash power with NFT and DeFi tools!