Get to Know More about HashMix: AMA Live Review

Q1. What is HashMix?

Q2. What inspired you to build HashMix?

Q3. Why do you choose to build on IC? How can IC benefit HashMix?

Q4. What functions are currently implemented in HashMix?

Q5. How HashMix’s Liquid Staking Solution Works?

Q6. What is the NNS governance voting decision of Neuron at the bottom of the Staking Pool of HashMix ICP?

Q7. What is the current stage of HashMix development?

Q8. What‘s your roadmap?

  • HashMix ICP governance system on IC
  • Audit and Launch
  • Decentralized Node provider program
  • Interact with other DApps in IC ecosystem
  • HashMix ICP DAO ignition
  • More assets supports (both IC and other mainstream assets like BTC, ETH, etc.)

Q9. Any words you wanna say to the Community?

Q10. Has HasMix received financing? Who are the investors?

Q11. What is the staking threshold for HashMix?



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HashMix is a fully decentralized hash power tokenization and circulation platform. Empower hash power with NFT and DeFi tools!