Announcement on the interest rate adjustment of the HashMix Filecoin Lending product

2 min readNov 18, 2022

Dear HashMix users,

Due to the gradual decline of current mining output and the increase in the cost of miners after FIL price has dropped sharply, we believe it is now necessary to adjust the interest rate of the HashMix Filecoin Lending product to ensure the healthy and stable operation of the ecology.

Therefore some adjustments will be made for the product:
Max borrow rate (APY) will adjust to about 15%, which means the max deposit rate (APY) will be about 11%.

After this adjustment, although the deposit apy drops, HashMix Filecoin Lending still holds a much higher apy than competing platforms. Along with this adjustment, we also reduce the gap between borrowing and lending rates, helping all parties to have an easier crypto winter.

Kindly check the screenshots of the miners’ cost increase and income decrease data.

Increasing cost
Decreasing income

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